Second Chances

For a year i’ve tiptoed around your broken heart.

Hesitating, considering, not having courage.

I didn’t have the words to say, couldn’t find any other way.

For a year i’ve lingered around your existence.

Never knowing i could still have another chance.

A second chance to even look at you, Hold your hand and say “i’ve missed you.”

And hearing you say “i miss you too” is like heaven in my ears.

I felt i died for a heartbeat and brought back to life in another.


Stifled Heart

I search for you in a crowd. 
I don’t want to, 
but I do.

I try to hear your laugh in a sea of voices.
I don’t mean to.
Still, I do.

I reach for you on the empty space of my bed.
I don’t intend to,
but I do.

I dig up images of you in my head.
I don’t really want to.
Still, I do.

I psych myself to unlove you.
I really have to,
but God, I still do.